How to estimate the cost of your web design project

How to estimate the cost of your web design project

Cost of a website depends on the features required by the site and the company developing the features. While the features required can be understood by taking a look at the features that make up a website. The cost also depends on the person or company developing the site, this happens because of the varying countries, experiences and sometimes just for no reason. Like our website developing cost is low as compared to some other companies, the fact is that they simply charge more for no reason. We provide many features for free while other's charge. Full list can be found on this post.


Domain Names

Generally from $2-$15 per year. You may get domain names free with your hosting plans as well, but read their terms before buying.


This is difficult to judge as it ranges from $10-$5000 per year depending on amount of space, bandwidth, etc. However most people select a smaller plan ($40-$100) at first and then keeps upgrading to higher plans when required.

Logo Design

These days any website needs a logo designed from professional. This can cost $10-$1000 depending on the designer.

Number of Pages

While a website can have many number of pages depending on the need. Some small websites settle for just 3-4 pages. Including any extra page can cost you a little more (around $100 per page). The limit on number of pages is listed on our site.

Features We Provide for Free

Google Maps

We provide Google maps for free while others can charge upto $100.

Youtube or Vimeo

Yeah that's included free of cost with every order, along with perfect optimization and loading. Others charge upto $50-$150

Photo Slideshows

We provide this for free with 100s of effects to choose from while our competitors charge upto $100.

Contact Us Form

Integrated on the site for direct contacting with client side validation, server side validation and features like "send a copy to yourself" and you get an email when anyone submits the form. While others can charge $50-$200 for this, we provide it for free.


All our codes are search engine optimized and we try hard to include everything to make your website search engine friendly. However there's a whole lot of SEO options that are provided by the third parties at some cost.

Responsive Design

No website can live without a Responsive Design. Different sizes of screens need to display your website effectively. This what some designers take advantage of and charge extra. We adopt mobile first development at no extra cost while our competitors charge $400-$1000 for making the website responsive.

Analytics and Reports

Needed to track views and clicks of your visitors. We provide Google Analytics and Piwik integration for free (both are free to use). While no one should charge anything for Google Analytics, some may charge for Piwik installation upto $200.

Search Engine Submission

We submit your site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for free. However there are third parties providing this service of submitting sites to more than 100s of search engines and with continuous pinging. This can cost upto $500.

Cross Browser Support

Support for all latest browser both on the laptop and mobile. I don't think anyone should charge for this.

Social Like, share and follow

It includes many social media like facebook, twitter, gplus, pinterest, youtube and many more. Also includes third party integration like AddThis and AddToAny (both are free). Should be done for free from others too.

Donate buttons

As of now we only include donation buttons provided by Paypal. Paypal supports all banks and cards. Again a free service.

Help and Documentation

Easy to follow "Do It Yourself" instructions and effective documentation. Why will anyone charge for this.

Twisting parts

Content - Images

Images and highres photographs to be inserted on the site. If you don't have one then we may provide it at some cost, generally between $100-$500 depending on the category and amount, or you can get it from the third parties like shutterstock.

Content - Icons

Icons, SVGs and vector images to be inserted on the site. If you don't have one then we may provide it at some cost, generally between $100-$500 depending on the category and amount, or you can get it from the third parties like iconsforuse.

Content - Text/Articles

Articles that need to be inserted on the site. If you need fresh content then we can provide it at some cost, generally between $100-$500 depending on the category and amount, or you can get it from the third parties like articlestock.

Features at additional cost

Not only We, but anyone will charge for these features, if it will not be listed then hidden (unless stated that its for free). These features don't only cost extra money but also cost extra time.

Site Search

Search option along with filters for specific categories or items, etc.

Cost : $100-$500

Custom Video Player

A high performance, playlist enabled integrated video player to play videos directly from your site.

Cost : $250

Audio Player

A high performance, playlist enabled integrated audio player to play audio clips directly from your site.

Cost : $200


A multiuser or single user blog with many features.

Cost : $400


A discussion forum integrated within the site or outside to discuss about some topics.

Cost : $500

Flash Player

A flash player or a flash video player to play videos. This does not include a full flash site.

Cost : $300-$800

Social Media Integration

This includes facebook, gplus followers or twitter feeds directly on your site.

Cost : $200-$1000

Surveys and Polls

On site survey and polls integration along with the result display or hide options.

Cost : $200

Ads Integration

Integrate ads from major ad network as a publisher. This includes Adsense and others. Ad network ads will be integrated only if you are verified to publish ads.

Cost : $200-$500

Custom Landing Pages

Useful if you are advertising a certain product or certain post, you want your visitors to land on a different page other than the home page.Like when redirected from a newsletter or social network etc.

Cost : $100-$1000

Following your own style guide

This includes using your company's styles like the colors, patterns and layouts to match with your company's look and feel.

Cost : $400-$1200


This can be an online store for selling physical goods, downloadable items or some services. Configured to sell the products or services on the site securely and with ease. It includes features like shopping cart, wishlist, Discount coupons, etc and also accepts on-site payments with paypal, bitcoin, all types of cards, and many banks and offline payments like COD, cheque, bank transfer etc.

Cost : $300-$1500

Third Party Features

News Feed and Newsletter

While its good to go with feedburner for blogs, its recommended to go with mailchimp or weber for newsletter. They provide good formats, pricing, analytics and tracking. It can cost an extra of $20-$150 per month

Reaching Customers

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing your business increases sales and relations. Every company big or small needs this. This may cost $100-$5000 per month

Maintenance Services

Site Maintenance

We provide Website Maintenance Service at affordable rate and features. Continuous evaluation and maintenance of your site to make sure your site is working properly and to sort out any problems that occur anytime. See the list of our maintenance features.

Cost : $100-$500 per month

Social Media Page Maintenance

This is a third party service. They can manage multiple social media accounts and pages on fb twitter, gplus, pinterest, youtube, linkedIn and much more and post professional posts timely and with due care. Also takes care of the comments and promotions. They can charge $200-$1500 per month

Taking it all together

So what's the cost of building your website. While many of you will not require the extra features listed here still your website can cost $1060-$22715 from Us. While the same website with the same features can cost $2060-$24965 from others.