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Why Maintenance

Everything needs maintenance, be it for seconds.

There are many different elements that keep the website running. The software or hardware may sometimes malfunction. This malfunctioning can corrupt the website or some parts of it including design, responsiveness, addons, plugins, third party softwares, social media integrations, videos, images, codes and more.

We take care of the technical stuffs while you drive safely.

With all those stuffs running in the background it is difficult to take care of each and every element for proper functioning. In every aspect it is time consuming and tedious task to manage and take care of the codes, design, databases, user activities, server, cdn, certificates, domain expiry, continuous updation, new feature integration etc. We provide this facility of looking up and taking care of all these elements so that you take care of your business.

Maintenance Features

Site Customization

Customization includes website updation, modification, redesign or website rebuilding. It is sometimes required to make some tweaks and changes quickly and we are here.

Performance Analysis

We regularly analyse each and every web page to confirm its overall performance. This test tells us which part of the site is working properly and what all needs to be optimized.

Site Speed Test

This test is related to website load and response time in various platforms, browsers and geographic location. This improves code, scripts, plugins, media and files in terms of size.

Error and Fault Fixing

Error, flaw, failure or fault results in incorrect or unexpected results and can cause the site in full or part to behave in unintended ways. We work hard to find and fix these if they occur.

Code Testing and Debugging

Much of our resources are spent in finding and fixing bugs. We check the code compatibility and issues and fix all the errors either in the source code or in its design.

Site Optimization

Website optimization improves the overall design, user experience, load time, performance, visibility and search engine rank of your website. This in turn increases website traffic and sales.

Plans & Pricing


Perfect for personal websites and blogs

1 hour / month
$79/ month
  • 1 hour user's issues
  • 1 hour maintainer's service
  • Monthly billing only
  • Extra hours @ $75 / hour


Suitable for startups and small-sized business

3 hours / month
$199/ month
  • 3 hours user's issues
  • 3 hours maintainer's service
  • Monthly billing only
  • Extra hours @ $70 / hour


For established small and medium-sized businesses

5 hours / month
$299/ month
  • 5 hours user's issues
  • 5 hours maintainer's service
  • Monthly billing only
  • Extra hours @ $60 / hour

Disclaimer : Site maintenance service does not include security attacks of any kind like XSS, DoS, DDoS, SQL attack and so on. It also does not include any type of content management or social media management. Read Complete Terms of Service