Why do you need website maintenance service

Why do you need website maintenance service

Website doesn't take care of itself, it needs to be taken care of. The codes may be reliable but there are many other factors like the hosting servers, backups, accidental deletion, continuous updation etc that needs a maintainer. This blog will guide you through the problems that occur and the features we provide as a maintenance service.

Now as you know that a website needs continuous maintenance you get two options : either take care of the site yourself or hand it over to the professionals.

Taking care of the website yourself

While talking about a website you need two things : time and programming knowledge. Taking care of a website for yourself will cost you extra time with many reduced features, because each of the extra features cost extra money individually. Going further you need a good knowledge and understanding of the design and the programming skills. Common programs include (not all, but not limited to) HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL. Some sites may require Perl, Python or Java. Some sites may also require knowledge of JQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Node, Angular, WebGL, Flash etc. If you have all these things then you can easily manage your site yourself. But many additional features will still cost you money.

Some people think managing a site is a child's play and they end up with a low quality site or they break the site while adding a new feature or updating the site. Then they finally come to me asking me to fix it.

Our Website Maintenance Service

Having your site maintained by us, you may sit back and relax or just concentrate on the business while we work hard on the technical stuff of the site to keep it get going smoothly. We provide many features that will cost you extra elsewhere.

Below are the list of features provided by us.

Design Debugging

This include basic arrangement or rearrangement of things like the texts, articles, images, videos, maps, forms, buttons etc. It also include the coloring and recoloring of certain or all objects.


This includes the complete redesign of the site including everything. A brand new design from scratch at no additional or extra cost while the site is still online.

Site Optimization

Optimization of site includes the optimization of the related objects (texts, articles, images, videos, maps, forms, buttons etc.) that has some type of loading issues. We take care of every issue if some images are making the site heavy or some scripts are blocking the rendering of the page. Optimization also includes cross browser and cross platform testing, analysis and debugging.

Code Debugging

Problems or issues related to code either on the front end or back end, we help with everything.

Site Error

Site errors are generally some sort of coding errors but these are different from those traditional code errors.

Site Speed Optimization

Speed issues of the site related to loading images, codes, scripts, files etc. Everything is optimized for high performance and fast loading.

Site SEO

This includes light Search Engine Optimization techniques to optimize the site for search engine visibility and ranking.

Site Test and Analysis

Continuous test and analysis of the site for the features listed above and fix the problems that occur whether you report it or not, we take care of all things that come by or go through.